Evaluation of environmental and economic effectiveness of the Cross Compliance 4.3 Standard ‘Maintenance of olive groves and vineyards in good vegetative conditions’

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Luigi Sansone
Antonio Melchiorre Carroni
Marco Fedrizzi
Elena Santilli
Giuseppina Pipitone
Mauro Pagano
Giulio Sperandio
Mirko Guerrieri
Daniele Puri
Francesco Zaffina
Mauro Salis
Paola Ruda
Thomas Patrizio Vatrano
Paolo Bazzoffi
Samanta Zelasco *
(*) Corresponding Author:
Samanta Zelasco | samanta.zelasco@crea.gov.it


This paper reports the first observations made in three farms of the Council for Agricultural Research and Economics (CREA) relating to the environmental monitoring of the Standard 4.3 'Maintenance of olive groves and vineyards in good vegetative conditions' and analysis of differential of competitiveness for both crops.

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