Environmental effectiveness of GAEC cross-compliance Standard 4.1 (b, c) ‘Protection of permanent pasture land’ and economic evaluation of the competitiveness gap for farmers

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Mauro Salis *
Lucia Sepe
Rosa Francaviglia
Marco Fedrizzi
Paolo Bazzoffi
Salvatore Claps
Maurizio Pitzalis
Michele Lilliu
Paola Ruda
Emilio Sabia
Annarita Bruno
Domenico Rufrano
Maria Teresa Dell'Abate
Alberto Alianello
Marco Veloccia
Olimpia Masetti
Gianluca Renzi
Roberto Fanigliulo
Mauro Pagano
Giulio Sperandio
Mirko Guerrieri
Daniele Puri
Antonio Melchiorre Carroni
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mauro Salis | msalis@uniss.it


The paper presents the main results of the monitoring on the effectiveness of the cross-compliance Standard 4.1 ‘Permanent pasture protection: lett. b, c’ carried out in two case studies within the project MO.NA.CO. Soil, botanical, productive and economic (competitiveness gap) parameters have been monitored. In the short term, the Standard 4.1 showed its effectiveness on soil quality, biomass productivity and competitiveness gap in both case studies. Botanical parameters showed differing results, therefore their generalization is not applicable to the heterogeneity of the pasture land Italian system. Shallow soil tillage could be suggested, every 40-50 years, when an appropriate soil organic matter content and the absence of runoff phenomena occur.

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